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18.03.2019 - 31.05.2019

Alternative tourism "Eco Trails Golden Sands and accommodation in May at Atlas Hotel"

May - suitable for combining relaxation at the Hotel Atlas and nature-based tourism.
In Golden Sands Nature Park are marked five toursit trails and are developed five specialized trails, which present the biological and ladscape diversity, and are suitable for hiking, nature exploration tourism, cycling, children’s tourism, phototourism and for disabled people.
Along the trails there are picnic areas – penthouses and alcoves with benches, tables and fireplaces situated near old fountains with drinkable water. Many view places offer panoramic views to the sea, park and the resort.

Red Trail – Length – 14 km, Duration – 270 min.
From Vinitsa to the village of Kranevo with a length of 14 km and a duration of 270 minutes. The longest marked tourist trail in the Nature Park. It starts at the last stop in Vinitsa quarter in Varna. Following the trail, one of the most visited places in the park is reached – “Kovshak cheshma” (fountain Kovshak). In the meadows of the area are well-arranged places for picnic and rest – benches, alcoves and fire places. The path passes by the Aladzha fountain, in the foot of which grows the 200 years old American Sycamore, 23 m high. Nearby is the Aladzha Hut and a paved alley leads down to the fountain “1300 years Bulgaria”. In the yard of the “Korabostroitel” Hut are situated fountain “Kaliova Cheshma”, alcove and rest places. From the fountain “Sveti Sedmochislenitsi” there is panoramic view towards the sea, over the trees tops. In the northern part of the park, the trail has small denivelation and follows mainly an old soil road.
To visit a place with a wonderful panoramic view – leave the trail, follow the asphalt road downwards (destination villa zone Panorama) for about 300 m, to the place where is situated the so called Bower of fallen in love (Kat na vliubenite).

Blue Trail - Duration – 80 min.
The shortest touris trail in Golden Sands Nature Park. The route starts at the fountain near the Aladzha Monastery and follows an old paved alley connecting the Monastery with the Resort. From the fountain “1300 years Bulgaria” openes anoramic view at the Park, Resort and the sea. Nearby there are alcove and fire place. In front of the “Korabostroitel” Hut there is a fountain – “Kalyova cheshma” and few rest places. The area of the fountain “Yordan Minkov” and “Gorski Kat” restaurant is famous for its rich bird diversity and thick shadows in the summer.
The trail in its lowest part passes through the most valuable forests of the Park, the subflood-plain forests, which are characterized with abundant liana vegetation and high trees.


Yellow Trail - Duration – 90 min.
The yellow trail starts at the Aladzha Monastery. It passes “Alaja” Hut and follows a path underneath the stone wreath of the Frangensko Plateau. Few meters away from the trail is situated a fountain of the veteran tourists. Just in fron the “Sveti Sedmochislenici” fountain openes a panoramic view of the sea, above the tree tops. The trail goes down to “Gorski Kat” restaurant and ends in the “Golden Sands” resort.


Green Trail - Duration – 150 min.
The Green route starts at the Aladzha Monastery, passes the “Aladzha” Hut and follows the path of the Yellow trail and departs from it in the left, few meters before the fountain “Sveti Sedmochislenici”, as winds round it. The trail connects with the Red trail and follows it till the place “Bejanata”, where it turns right and goes down the villa-zone “Panorama”. Through the villa-zone it reaches the “Panorama” bus-stop of the buses 109 and 209 to Varna.

Visitor Center – “Gorski Kat” Restaurant trail
The trail was created specially for connecting the Visitor Center with the marked tourist trails in the Park. The path is visible on the terrain, and signs point the right direction at the turns. The trail passes by the “Gorski Rai” Hotel.


Specialized trails
Jay’s Home Trail – offers nature exploration for children. This circle trail is designed to present the typical animals of the park in their natural habitats. The trail is suitable for kids from all ages, as well for their parents. Duration – 90 min.
Nature for All Trail – specially designed to offer access to nature places for disabled people; suitable for wheelchairs. Near characteristic trees are situated information signs with Braille text. Duration – 40 min.
Dendrological Trail – presenting the characteristic park trees and shrubs along the trail from Aladzha monastery to Catacombs. Duration – 40 min.
The Forest’s Song Trail – educational interactive trail presenting in attractive way the birds’ kingdom and the songs of the park’s most common birds. The resting place is designed as open air classroom and offers more information for the forest species. Duration – 60 min.
Cycling Trail – from Visitor Information Center to Kranevo village; Duration – 40 min. The cycleway coincides with the walking trails. Bikers are requested to be particularly cautious.
Historical sites- In the southwest part of the park is located Aladzha monastery – medieval rock monastery dating back to the 14th century, which forms a historical complex with the situated nearby Early Christian catacombs. In the park there are remains of an ancient basilica and medieval fortress.

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Prices for accommodation at Atlas Hotel in May

Room type Official prices May 2019
01.05. - 31.05.
Rates-Reception for May
2019 after 20% discount

01.05. - 31.05.
DOUBLE ROOM /2+1/ 76.00 lv. 60.80 lv.
SINGLE ROOM /1+0/ 88.00 lv. 70.40 lv.
FAMILY ROOM /2+2/ 81.00 lv. 64.80 lv.
/2+2/ 83.00 lv. 66.40 lv.
APARTMENT /2+2/ 90.00 lv. 72.00 lv.


Price per person per day on ALL INCLUSIVE ULTRA in BGN. The above prices includes VAT, tourist tax and insurance.

  • 1 or 2 children up to 1.99 years with 1 adult in SGL or two adults in DBL - free of charge;
  • 1 child from 2 to 13.99 years on extra bed with two adults - free of charge;
  • 2 children from 2 to 13.99 years with two adults - the first child stays free and the second pay with 50% discount 
  • 1 adult over 14 years on extra bed - 20% discount from the rate.

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