Creative Expedition Following Time`S Footsteps

The Atlas Hotel is a host of the project Creative expedition Following time's footsteps - for children in need from Varna and for talented students from general education classes in art and painting schools.
Within seven days of the summer vacation the children will participate in explorer excursion-plein air to a variety of cultural-historical sites around Varna. Today was the first trip to Aladja Monastery. There are additional art classes, which is held at the Hotel Atlas, where the children are staying. The initiative is aimed at expanding and enriching extra-curricular education of students in the field of history and the arts. The purpose of the project is children from the residential care institutions to learn about the history, the culture and the heritage of the Varna region and then to express their impressions with paintings.
The project is organized by St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation, with the financial support of Varna Municipality.